Barry – Short Film

Faced with 2 weeks off in summer I managed to get this film from initial conception to finished in under 2 weeks. Shooting itself was only 2 days and I basically called in every favour I had to get it done. I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out all things considered! Maybe next time I’ll have 3 weeks!

It’s kind of a homage to the Twilight Zone/Looper/Back to the Future and even a bit of Invader Zim all with an Aussie bogan twist!

The official synopsis:
Barry is ordinary bloke who’s weekend hobby happens to be building a time machine. However his wife Wanda wants him to give up his love and clear out the garage to make room for her Torana. Can a visit from a mysterious stranger in the dead of night convince Barry that messing with the space time continuum will only lead to certain destruction?


Marc Kay
Katie May Johnson
Jon Rex Williams

Rhiannon Elston
John Ertler
Sarah Kate Mitchell
Edwin Montgomery

Director Of Photography
Matt Gorrie

VFX Supervisor
Kel McKenzie

Mike Roberts

Music By
Mike Forward
Edwin Montgomery
& Sweet Teeth

Make Up
Bekka Handley

1st Assistant Director
Tim Anastasi

Production Assistants
Mathew Whalan
Edwin Montgomery

with Special Thanks to Stephen and Ali and the rest of the Panetta Family.

Skills: Direction, Editing, Producer, Writing