Disney Infinity 2.0 – Marvel Super Heroes

Another spot for the Go Channel for Disney. With the success of the original Disney Infinity game in 2013, Disney is launched the sequel featuring all your favourite Marvel characters. Michael was back in front of camera with a bunch of new fun figures to play with. Like all these spots there was an insane turn around of 3 weeks to meet launch date so we churned it out quite quickly. For the spot we shot it on the Sony FS700 using the Odessey 7Q recorder, shooting 4k for some scenes and using 4k to HD for others for a faster workflow. As you can see the quality of image from the 4k output was fantastic for such a small camera.


Presenter – Michael Snitch
Director/Editor/Writer – Jason Azcona
D.O.P – Matt Gorrie
Camera Assistant – Eloy Zecca
Sound Recordist – Richard Teague
Production Assistants – Mel Smith & Brandon Kuhr
9mm Producers – Daniel Mercieca & Mel Penn

Client: Disney Interactive Skills: Direction, Editing, Producer, VFX, Writing