Nintendogs + Cats

Nintendogs + Cats is a Nintendo 3DS game endorsed by the RSPCA that realistically simulates pet ownership. The brief targeted females aged between 20-40 who want a pet but did not have the time or means (or both) to do so.  Obviously seeing any excuse play with kittens and puppies meant that they were definitely going into the TVC, however while you’d imagine the puppies would cause the most havoc on set, it was the full litter of 3 month year old kittens that caused the most grief. Most members of the crew got promoted to Kitten wranglers while the talent Amy Beckwith, managed to somehow subdue three at a time in order to get the shot…

Part of the youth orientated masthead “Gotta Have” developed for the Go Channel.

Client: Nintendo, 9mm, Go Channel Skills: Direction, Editing, Producer, VFX, Writing