• The Funster Experiment

The Funster Experiment

2014 has been a busy year for me as I was contracted by Soap Creative and Destination NSW for 6 months for a project called the “The Funster Experiment”. Continuing the incredibly successful “Best job in the world” competition started by Tourism Australia, in 2013 they opened up the spots for a winner for each state and territory. Thus I was embeded with the winner for NSW – Andrew Smith, a Californian, with the charge to help him create engaging content as he travelled around NSW looking for fun. He had a mission to prove that NSW was the most fun place on earth, and we had to make media that spanned blogs, instagram, twitter, FB and youtube that would bring local and international attention to NSW.

The result was a long 6 months of travelling, hotels, buses, trains, planes, photographs, shooting and editing. We were basically a 2 man production team shooting and editing on the fly and churning out content week by week. With producer support from Soap Creative we managed to pull the project off and created some interesting videos some which can be seen on the Funster Experiment youtube channel below.

Client: Destination NSW & Soap Creative Skills: Camera Operation, Direction, Editing