Vodafone – Madden’s Housewarming 30 sec TVC

Directed by David Rechtman and starring Joel Madden of Good Charlotte and The Voice fame. After moving out to Australia with his family to host the voice, the spot was part of a national campaign that let Vodafone users to win tickets to a “Housewarming Party” hosted by the Madden brothers.

This cut of the TVC uses music that was commissioned for the TVC but wasn’t ultimately used, but I think it ads a certain “Napoleon Dynamite” feel that was lacking in the broadcast version. It is also sans supers to really get a sense for the lovely skin tones the ARRI Alexa camera is capable of.

This is the 30 sec execution, which also included a 15 sec execution and five internet content seeders.

The TVC was produced in conjunction with Ogilvy, MCM Media and Bohemia. Other credits include: Mat Anastasi and Briony Luschwitz as producers. Music was composed by Edwin Montgomery.

Skills: Editing